The 3 most important things to consider when choosing a printer for your business

Using the right printer can be a crucial business decision. Not only is price a factor, but the quality of the work is also very important. There are many options available, from the local printer to online services printers based across the globe. Choosing the right printer can be a bit of a challenge.  Business Card Printer

The fact is that marketing collateral will leave a lasting impression on business prospects. It pays to get it right and deliver a professional finish! If the quality of the printed materials is not good, then your business prospects may well consider that your products or services are not good quality as well.   At Dynamic Print Solutions, we use the following guidelines when choosing a printer.

4 critical things to consider before selecting a commercial printer in Raleigh are:

  1. Facility use:  If possible, tour the facility, ask questions, talk to the staff and get a feel for how they operate. The quality and presentation of their premises will reflect the quality of work they produce.  The printer should also manage its carbon footprint because this could reflect on your business. Look for a printer who is committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution, and efficient use of natural resources.
  2. Services offered: Ideally, look for a printer who can manage the project in its entirety, from print, personalization, collation, finishing, binding, storage and fulfilment. It is far more cost-effective and efficient if the same company handles every step
  3. Dependability and Quality:  Ask to see samples of their work.  Don’t sacrifice quality for price. Being cheaper does not necessarily translate to being better.  After all, it is projecting your company image to the public. 
  4. Customer Service: Find out how the account will be managed.  Ensure that they are open & honest and will deliver a professional service with good communication and client management skills.

A good printer offers quality, value for money, and excellent customer service. Build a good working relationship with the printer; it will potentially work towards even better service such as volume discounts, faster turnaround and personal delivery. 

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