Display Boards

Display boards are lightweight portable signs for showcasing event information, products and promotions, business presentations, trade show announcements, research results, other important messages. We offer easel back attachments that allow these signs to become freestanding. The following display board materials are available:

Paper Faced Foam Board

Paper faced foam board is an economical material suitable for short-term/single-use portable signs. Perfect for one-time store promotions and event signage. Use only indoors. Available in white in sizes up to 48 in. X 96 in.

Plastic Faced Foam Board

Plastic faced foam board is a durable alternative to paper faced foam board. Suitable for short-term portable signs or long-term mounted signs. Use only indoors. Available in black or white in sizes up to 48 in. X 96 in. Comes in 3/16-in, or ½-in. thickness.

Corrugated Plastic

Exceptionally sturdy as well as economical, corrugated plastic display boards are ideal for short-term outdoor signage. This tough plastic is a great option for any temporary sign that must be durable enough for outdoor conditions. Available in white in sizes up to 48 in. X 96 in.

Extruded PVC

Durable extruded PVC display boards work equally well as long-term indoor and short-term outdoor signs. This versatile material can be molded into shapes and letters for three-dimensional applications.

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